How to Show Your Appreciation and Support The Future of The Anxiety Podcast

If you find the podcast beneficial it would mean a lot if you could support me.  However small, every dollar that I receive makes a huge difference to the amount of time and effort I have to spend on production.  By choosing one of the options below you are contributing to keep this resource alive and growing.   Monthly donations are amazing as they will allow me to build up enough to start outsourcing the things which aren't my bag. 

I've spent weeks learning all the tech stuff but it's not my strong point.  I'd much rather be creating great content for you to listen to.  

I spend hours and hours each week in the production of the podcast episodes:

- Editing
- Post production
- Fixing sound issues
- Writing the show notes
- Research
- Publishing online
- Posting on social media
- Emailing and corresponding with potential guests
- Creating new content
- Hosting and Production Costs

I absolutely love creating podcasts to support people to recover from Anxiety and Stress.

My goal is to be able to focus on content creation.  Booking brilliant guests and creating content that will really make people question the lives they are living so they can improve and transform.

Lastly if you can't afford to support me with a donation that's cool.  Keep listening.  You can help me by spreading the word to friends or sharing something I put on social media!

One Time Donation - You can make a one time donation for any amount you like.  You ROCK!

Supporting Roles - This allows you to support the show on a monthly basis.

Hand Holder - $2 Per Month - I will think of you fondly while I sip my tea.  Your support is so important as it allows me to focus on the content and not stay up till my eyes get red writing show notes.

Big Hugger - $5 Per Month - This mornings meditation will be dedicated to you.  I will send you positive vibes full of confidence and positivity.  I will send you one of my special handwritten cards to express my thanks and welcome you to the podcast supporter team. You are a super star and your support is massively appreciated.  

Piggy Backer - $10 Per Month - I'm going on a nature walk.  Except due to your generosity in helping make me not have to do so much editing today, I'll be skipping through the leaves.  I will skim some rocks into the ocean and think of you with every one.  I'm going to put together a package for you including a few of my favourite calming tea bags! Honestly this is much appreciated.

Game Changer - $25 Per Month - This is seriously supportive.  I will give you some props on the podcast (if that's ok with you).  I will also give you access to the tools I use with my one on one coaching clients including meditation suggestions, journaling templates and my weekly wellness checklist.  Damn you're impressive. 

Rainbow Maker - $50 Per Month - You are a podcast hall of famer now.  I'm going to draw a picture of you and put it on the wall in my office.  In addition to being eternally grateful for your generosity I'd also like to set up a one on one conversation with you to verbalize my appreciation and support you in your journey with anxiety and stress (we can sip tea while helping you to become more peaceful).  You are actually helping improve other people's lives and that's just sweet.

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