Here is an outline of what I cover in the workshop:

Week 1:

- Why do we get Anxiety in the first place
- What Anxiety feels like
- Why we are wired to have some Anxiety in our lives
- Why you are not alone in this struggle
- I'll share how I overcame Anxiety and some of the tools that you can start using in your life straight away
- We will cover the "LEAN IN" (Look, Embrace, Action, Non Resistance, Investing in yourself, Never settle) approach in detail

Week 2:

- How Anxiety isn't permanent and YOU can start to build an anxiety free future
- Daily habits that you can implement immediately
- Why Anxiety makes us feel broken and what you can do about it
- How to avoid people that make you feel bad
- How to disarm Anxiety & STOP a panic attack
- A walkthrough of Tim's Less Anxiety. More Life Checklist

Week 3:

- My 12 Step Process to Feeling Good
- Diet, Exercise, lifestyle - Some hacks you can implement and things you should definitely avoid
- Journaling 
- Meditation - How to do it, how long it takes, what it will do for you

Week 4:

- Expansion time!
- How to work towards you IDEAL day
- How to uncover your passion
- How to stop playing small and step past Anxiety to live a bigger life
- Why it's so important to be aligned to your truth and how you can do that

Week 5:

- Why it's so important to put yourself first
- Why fear is an indicator that you're moving in the right direction
- How you can continue to recover from Anxiety
- What the 3 major factors are that define happiness
- How to deal with Anxiety relapses
- Time to go Big!