I recently wrote this article for ManTalks.  I've spoken at their event before and LOVE what they're doing in the pursuit of helping men be better men. 

I was so consumed with trying to please people for so long that eventually I started having stress induced panic attacks.

I worked long hours, commuted for 3 hours every day, earned a top salary, was a ‘good employee,’ and tried to keep everyone happy.

I tried to be a good father and husband with the little time I had left in my day.

Still not content with doing enough I even convinced my wife that we should start another business on the side, hoping to get some more money in the bank for retirement or some other unnecessary purchase. So now I could work when I got home from work.


Often, I would get home from work, grab something to eat, and then go straight to work on my start up. I would finish at midnight, only to fall asleep and prepare to do it all over again.

The fucked up thing is that many people actually admired me, “Look at Tim, he’s doing his best. Trying to provide for his family, working hard. It’s not easy you know.”

In that culture, lack of sleep was worn like a badge of honor. The less sleep the better, as then you could be more productive and get more done.

During this time I never thought about myself. I was just trying to scrape through each day and hold everything together.

“Must keep work happy.”

“Must keep wife and kids happy.”

“Must make more money.”

“Must keep up appearances.”

“Must neglect my own well being.”

Whenever I’d go away on business trips I was torn. My wife would be waving me off, frequently with tears in her eyes, as I’d be leaving her to look after our young family, while I went off for some unnecessary meetings. On the other hand, I’d have my boss phoning me and encouraging me to get out more.

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