I once met a sailor, who seemed to have everything, yet in physical terms he owned all most nothing.

No house.

No car.

No basement full of shit he had forgotten about.

No rented storage units containing furniture he’d never use again.

No relationships with people who dragged him down or dumped their problems on him.

No jobs where he was responsible for showing up and building a career.

Just a simple sailboat.

He’d sail from Vancouver to Mexico, hang out for a bit, then head over to Hawaii. He’d work for a couple of weeks to save up enough to buy some more supplies, work on his boat and then he’d be off to the French Polynesian in the South Pacific.

He had a sense of calm about him. My favorite quote of his was, “I don’t make any plans, and I’m sticking to them.”

People often asked him about his life and seemed very envious of it. But he said when they realized he’d given up almost all material possessions, had no house, car, or vacation home, they knew it would just be a dream.

The societal pull is strong. We care so much what others think of us.

Probably my favorite all time quote:

“The things you own end up owning you. It’s only after you lose everything that you’re free to do anything.”

Isn’t it interesting then that most people act in completely the opposite way?

We don’t buy the house we need, we buy the house we can afford.

We chase the pay raises, promotions, and progression that take away our liberation. Each time those freshly printed business cards with a fancy new title roll off the printing press we feel great, but the reality is we just gave away a bit more of our soul.

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