"Have Compassion, Be Gentle On Yourself and Forgive Yourself. Having Anxiety Is NOT Your Fault. Blame Will Not Make It Go Away."

For Anxiety to go away we first need to forgive ourselves.  Be at peace with it.  Embrace it.

Anxiety loves to fight, so don't engage it.  

If you feel nervous or anxious, embrace it,  you are alive.  

And although your anxiety may be show up unnecessarily, that doesn't mean all is lost.  

You can recover, there will come a time where your life isn't dictated to by fear.  

Leaning into Anxiety when it's hard to

With Anxiety much like heading to the gym, we often have to DO THE WORK, meaning engage in acceptance of the feelings even when we don't feel like it.  

Our minds have a tremendous way of remembering things that we try to avoid.  So attempting to block out thoughts or feelings or sensations only cause us to mentally bookmark them for future reference. 

In this video I talk about how Anxiety is similar to working out.  

"Anxiety is not a life sentence, it's just a sentence from your autobiography."

Often people resign themselves to the fact that they HAVE Anxiety.  And many assume it's just something they will have to deal with.  Well in the bigger scheme of things you just don't.  With the right approach and support you can absolutely move past your anxiety and leave it in your rear view mirror.