TAP 030 - Keeping Anxiety a Secret Makes it Thrive


In this episode I talk about how keeping Anxiety a secret makes it worse.  How it adds lots of pressure on our shoulders and compounds the issue.  I go on to talk about how you can start to move past this and to begin talking about what's going on to feel better.


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In this particular episode you will learn:

- How keeping Anxiety a secret magnifies it

- How knowing you're not alone means you don't have to suffer

- How Tim used to hide at work to avoid having to disclose his Anxiety

- How you can start to tell people to take some pressure off of yourself

- How people will see you as being very brave when you share what's going on for you

- How it feels like the end of the world but it's not

- How Exposure & Disclosure can help you

- How Sharing will create more meaningful relationships

- How being vulnerable will change your life



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