TAP 013 - Sharie Spironhi on Why We Are Wired To Worry


In this episode I interview Sharie Spironhi and we discuss how we can use different practices and throughs to change our thinking around. 

Sharie Spironhi, renowned Motivational Speaker, Educator, Counselor and Author of ‘Why We Are Wired to Worry and How Neuroscience Will Help You Fix It’, is an undisputed expert in human behavioral science, who has dedicated her life to helping people get off their Worry-Go-Round™

Inspired by her overnight defeat of Bi-Polar disorder, Sharie is a living example of neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to change and heal) as exemplified in her compelling story of living with Manic Depression since a child and having it disappear literally over night, due to the brain's ability to rewire itself.




In this particular episode you will learn:

How the brain does not know real from imagined

- Why most of us need alcohol as a social lubricant 

- Why our brain thinks that a dirty look can kill us

- What brain chemicals cause which reactions in you and how to  
  stimulate them for mood control

- How it is possible to alter the brain’s ancient programming

- Why we worry excessively

- How to not respond to situations with worry

- Which part of your brain is responsible for causing Anxiety

- How to overlay bad thoughts with good ones to actually change your thoughts

- What is Neuroplasticity? 



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