TAP 015 - Sheila Kay on PTSD and the Undefeated Me


In this episode Sheila tells us about her experience with PTSD and how she began to overcome it and found the courage to support others that are struggling

Sheila Kay is an editor, writer, and business owner.

Among her interests are travel, cooking, reading, and charitable endeavors, including preparing and distributing food and other supplies to the homeless on the streets of Atlanta. 
She has recently been involved in promoting awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder among both civilians and military personnel.

In addition to preparing for the release of her next book, Ms. Kay is in the process of forming a non profit organization which will provide resources, support, and job skills training to homeless Atlanta residents seeking to return to the workforce. 

Her professional memberships include The American Society of Authors and Writers and The Nonfiction Authors Association.

About Sheila's book:

PTSD AND THE UNDEFEATED ME is the account of the life of SHEILA KAY, a wife and mother whose pleasant existence was completely shattered one early summer due to an unexpected tragedy. The devastating horror and loss resulted in her diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In this revealing memoir, Ms. Kay offers readers an up close look at her life voyage, up to and including her present day challenges and successes.

Sheila Kay openly shares her initial denial of the condition and how, after her tragedy, unusual and frightening thoughts and behaviors lead her to accept treatment. In her book Ms. Kay includes excerpts from her therapy sessions and conversations with other medical personnel.  The author candidly discloses ways in which her spiritual struggle and loss of faith, personal character flaws, and various family relationships affect the challenges she faces living with PTSD. As her tale unfolds, Ms. Kay makes it clear why she ultimately declares her life a complete triumph with the help of her team of supporters.

This relatable and intriguing book is informative and captivating, especially for readers with mental illness, physical challenges, or stressful situations of any kind. It is also an insightful source for loved ones and caregivers of hurting and struggling survivors. Between its pages is an ageless and intricate narrative of love, loss, dynamic resiliency, and inspiration.



In this particular episode you will learn:

- Why Anxiety can be difficult as it's an invisible condition

- Sometimes when we look best on the outside we feel worst on the inside

- The fact that you are not alone

- How Sheila takes care of herself and nurtures herself



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