TAP 146 - 7 Ways To Disconnect


In this episode I talk about some tactics you can use to disconnect from being online.  Being connected all the time increases levels of anxiety and stress. These are things I've tried and found to be very beneficial.  


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In this particular episode you will learn:

7 Ways To Disconnect:

1 - Set a time in the evening when you'll switch off your phone

2 - Avoid switching on your phone first thing in the morning

3 - Eat the frog - Get your most important task done first

4 - Set aside time for uninterrupted work

5 - Signal to yourself and to others that you're busy (large headphones)

6 - Move social media apps off of the home page of your screen + install the block newsfeed app on your computer

7 - Set expectations on how you'll respond to people

Bonus - Trying writing out messages by hand and then either texting or emailing them