TAP 143 - #asktimjp How Do I Stop Having Self-Limiting Beliefs?


In this episode I talk about how we tend to focus on the negative things that have happened in our lives. By book marking these limiting beliefs we creative a narrative which doesn't serve us.  But we can change it, I discuss how we actually get to choose. 


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In this particular episode you will learn:

- Why we focus on the negative things that happen to us

- How anxiety puts limiting beliefs on steroids

- I discuss some examples of me keeping track only of times when I failed

- How I thought I was a fraud and could get exposed at any time

- How setbacks can affect our confidence

- How there is possibility for change

- You don't have to believe it 100% to start today

Seth Godin Quote:

"The narrative is up to me, if it isn't working, why are you using it?"

"The narrative isn't done to you, the narrative is something you choose, change the narrative and change the game."

- Pick the brave moments to focus on

- Why you need to trust the process