TAP 163 - Why I'm Speaking Up


In this episode I talk about how it's time that I speak up.  In the past I had a panic attack when speaking, as you may know.  In order to really share my message on anxiety, it's something I need to do more of, there is something special about being face to face. In this anxiety variety I talk about how I'm leaning into that and doing more speaking


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In this particular episode you will learn:

- What happened in my past around speaking and anxiety

- How I've honed my skills at podcasting and feel like it's time to lean in and stretch myself again

- How I still got nervous recently as I was preparing for a webinar I was running

- I talk about how I put some music on and jumped around to work off some nervous energy

- How we all still need validation

- Why I'm now a speaker and sharing my message that way too

- How I was challenged by a mentor to get uncomfortable and grow

- So that's why I'm speaking up in order to share my message and make more of an impact

- If you're looking for a speaker, I'm your man ;)