TAP 066 - Exposure & Disclosure


In this episode, I talk about how we can use exposure and disclosure as part of our recovery from anxiety.  By leaning into fear and not feeling the pressure to keep it locked down we can begin to release its grip.



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In this particular episode you will learn:

- How doing things that make us uncomfortable is actually how we grow

- How you need to continue to expose yourself to get there

- It doesn't have to be dramatic and can be incremental

- You can either take the opportunity for growth or stay stuck

- What is one thing you can do today to get uncomfortable

- "Do one thing each day that scares you"

- So much pressure is created from trying to keep everything locked down

- How Anxiety thrives on secrets

- How you can practice letting it out bit by bit

- Where and how you can start sharing

- How people will in most cases be compassionate