TAP 071 - Andrew Hutchinson on How Smiling, Kissing & Going Reptile Can Heal Anxiety


In this episode I talk to Andrew Hutchinson about his Anxiety and his journey back to wellness.  

We discuss many of the approaches that worked and also what didn't.  Andrew discusses some alternative non medication based approaches that he found made his anxiety go away.  

In this particular episode you will learn:

- How Andrew's search went from physical to mental to heal himself

- Andrew talks about TRE (Tramatic Release Exercises)  and how that helped him

- What the Psoas is, why it's the fight or flight muscle and how it works

- How using the word "play" and smiling can release chemicals that make us feel good

- Why smiling and kissing makes us feel so good (we can in the short term affect our chemistry)

- Why kissing is melatonin heavy

- How we hold a lot of facial tension which can lead to TMJ/ Lock Jaw

- Carrying tension in your face sends messages to the rest of your body and sets your mood

- How you can use smiling and kissing as an exercise

- Why bringing awareness to the roof of your mouth can help you relax

- How releasing tension in our face can also affect our overall posture

- How you can "Go Reptile"




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