TAP 083 - #asktimjp How do I stay in my current job and be less anxious?


In this episode I will answer a listeners question.  This weeks question from Ian is: 

"Before I draft a resignation letter and run off and do what inspires me (don't know what that is yet), how can we coach people to find the more positive aspects of their current job, and design their work day to be the best.  Perhaps there are ways for people to pull more fulfillment, more joy, out of their current jobs, and tips on how to minimize anxiety and stress.  Personally my career isn't satisfying, but I'm not about to quit what is a very good position with a very good company.  But I do need to be more grateful for it, and to derive greater satisfaction.    I know my job makes me anxious, and all the jobs I've had, have made me anxious. How can we reduce that anxiety?"