TAP 086 - #asktimjp Am I doing enough to recover?


In this episode I will answer a listeners question.  This weeks question from Diane is: 

"After having anxiety and panic attacks for 35 years, I am now 5 months into tackling it for the first time in my life. I didn't know you could! Am weaning myself very slowly off he medication I have taken for the past 20 years. I listen to podcasts every day, i meditate every day, read and learn about anxiety and panic, I do yoga everyday, I journal every day, I eat better than I ever have. Am feeling sooo much better and can go to places I haven't been for years. My baseline anxiety has dropped so much on a daily basis. I am committed to tackling the anxiety and panic and continuing in a life change to facilitate the changes needed. My question is...am I doing all I can? "