TAP 090 - Jillian Arany on Dealing with Anxiety While Going Through University


In this episode I talk to Jillian Arany about her experience with anxiety/ depression and dealing with it while going through university.

Jillian moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia to start her undergraduate degree in Marine Biology and Environmental Science. She graduated in May 2013 and moved to a small town named Wolfville, about an hour outside of Halifax, to persue her Masters Degree in Biology while still working with fisheries. 

Jillian is an avid runner and regularly runs both half marathons and full marathons.

In this particular episode you will learn:

- How Jillian got anxiety in the first place 

- What she chose to do about it

- How she got into running

- What kinds of support are available to you at university

- How Jillian wrote down her worries to get them out of her head

- Why it's important to have a pre game routine

- Jillian's views on how the use of technology can affect people