TAP 118 - How to Avoid Coming Off The Rails


In this episode I talk about why I believe as anxiety sufferers we occasionally come off the rails.  

How we can recognize it and what we can do about it. 


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In this particular episode you will learn:

- How we can be like a pressure cooker building up steam

- How after holding things down I would slip up and then drink and eat a lot

- Friday & Saturday nights were typically when I'd indulge

- Hangover day can mean we then consume more

- How it's a form of self sabotage

- How in business it's kind of accepted

- I felt like I deserved a break after holding things together for so long

How you can avoid coming off the rails:

- Have real conversations

- Spend more time focusing on other people instead of yourself

- Acknowledge and recognize how good you actually feel

- Spend energy on picking out foods and activities and foods that nourish you

Lastly if nothing else just recognizing your patterns if the start of making some changes