TAP 192 - Rene Brent on How To Pattern Interrupt Anxiety & Change Our Thinking


This week I talk to Rene Brent, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and advocate for Practicing Happy. She started as a registered nurse for over 25 years and is now a Hypnotherapist and a #1 International Bestseller author of the book "How Big Is Your BUT?" Rene helps her clients use the power of the deep inner mind to release blocks and reach personal and professional goals.

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In this episode you will learn:

  • Rene Brent story: from nursing to Hypnotherapy
  • How hypnotherapy helped Rene move forward from her divorce
  • How to "pattern interrupt”
  • How Rene helps people hit the Pause Button
  • How visualizations helped basketball players
  • The importance of visualizing your day, every day
  • We make up our own stress
  • How anxiety helps you find purpose 
  • What is a Felt Sense?
  • The link between physical illness and stress/anxiety
  • How to practice positive thinking
  • Tips for people who have trouble sleeping


“The mind is a beautiful thing, it sometimes feels like it’s helping you when it’s really hurting you in the long run"

“When your subconscious is open, you can make changes very quickly”

“Your body is a very powerful pharmacy and the chemicals from stress and fear are very addicting” 

“Fear and gratitude cannot exist in the same space”

“50% of what we stress about isn’t even real, it’s imagined”

“I am absolutely grateful for my divorce and everything I went through”

“Awareness is the key to change"