TAP 205 -Practicing Discomfort To Build Resilience


In this episode I talk about how we can practice being uncomfortable in order to build resilience. I talk about a recent experience when I was on a flight and stood at the front of the plane. It allowed me to experience some of the same feelings that come up when we public speak.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How I practiced discomfort on a plane
  • How else can you simulate discomfort?
  • Walk to the front of the movie theatre
  • Stand and look around on a bus or train
  • Walk to the front of your section at a sports game
  • Stay there longer than you are comfortable with
  • Stand in front of an audience before you go up to speak



"I was flexing the discomfort muscle." (2:31)

"Get used to seeing people and being seen." (3:30)

"Even famous people get nervous." (6:50)



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