TAP 223 - Tim Get's Interviewed On The Dr Jay Davidson Show


I had the pleasure of being on Dr. Jay Davidson’s podcast. Dr. Davidson is a doctor, a coach, and a podcast host who specializes in Lyme disease. We chat about my experience with anxiety, how I became more aligned and tips to start changing your life today. This episode is a great overview of everything I talk about on the podcast.


Here is the link to the video interview: http://drjaydavidson.com/podcast/anxiety-expert-jp-collins/

Listen to Jay’s interview on TAP: http://www.timjpcollins.com/podcast/lyme-disease-anxiety

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why and how I became the anxiety expert
  • How my life wasn’t aligned or sustainable
  • Causes of JP’s anxiety
  • My panic attack that changed everything
  • How I masked the symptoms
  • Addressing the causes and making a transformation
  • I changed my diet 
  • What anxiety attaches itself to vs where the anxiety comes from
  • Embracing and feeling anxiety
  • Importance of loving yourself
  • Turning anxious energy to performance energy
  • How sensitivity fosters deeper relationships
  • The three C’s of dealing with panic attacks
  • Daily tips and tools



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