TAP 245 - Kelli Walker On Health Anxiety & Helping People Recover


In this episode I talk to Kelli Walker about her own journey with anxiety and how it led her to now help others recover.  Kelli is one of the only coaches I recommend as her approach really aligns with mine.

Kelli Walker, M.S.N., is a Registered Nurse, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and former agoraphobe. For over 15 years she struggled with generalized anxiety, OCD, and panic attacks.

Kelli now works as a coach, helping people move past their own anxiety in the way she did: by understanding anxiety's true nature and the ways that we innocently get stuck in the cycle of anxiety, fear, and worry. This understanding allows us to start breaking that cycle.

Kelli is the host of the Not Another Anxiety Show podcast, an author, and has participated in several health and wellness conferences and summits.

Kelli enjoys Nutella, her dogs, world travel, sweat pants, hiking, kayaking and ultimate frisbee.

To learn more about Kelli and her work, visit www.panicandanxietycoach.com or check out her podcast Not Another Anxiety Show in iTunes. 


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