TAP 361 - The 3 C's - Curiosity, Courage & Compassion - Rerun


In this episode I talk about the 3 C's and how you can start using them today.

What do I do when my Anxiety Shows up?

Curiosity, Courage & Compassion. 

Do the 3 C's

Write the 3 c's on your hand in the morning when your doing your journaling as a reminder. 

 It's essentially how I ask people to respond to anxiety when it shows up. 


 i.e. what's the message here ? Am I safe ? I wonder why it's here ? This engages your pre frontal cortex.  Anxiety is kicked off by your croc brain (amygdala) and this allows us to pattern interrupt and bring a question to the table.  

This breaks the fear cycle.


Be prepared to feel the feelings and be uncomfortable until it passes.  Get to know your anxiety, embrace it. 


Anxiety sufferers are amazing at beating the shit out of themselves with guilt, shame, worry and embarrassment.

Realize it's not your fault, be gentle on yourself.  And let it pass.