TAP 370 - What Physical Health Has To Do With Mental Health - Rerun


In this episode I talk about how physical and mental health are connected.  I get into how working on both the mental aspect of anxiety and improving our health and fitness at the same time is critical. 


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In this particular episode you will learn:

- How I self sabotaged my progress when I got close to my goals

- How we give ourselves what we feel we deserve

- I never invested fully in my body as I was just trying to get through the day

- A big shift happened when I decided to make it a priority

- How having high levels of cortisol from all the stress was holding me back

- Fitness is better than medication

- That you should walk everyday

- As you begin to feel more confident physically it has a mental knock on effect

- Why you should write down what your goals are going to be before you head to the gym

Food Considerations:

- Track your calories and intake with "My Fitness Pal" this is an iphone app

- 80 - 90% of your gains will be made in the kitchen

- How you can't outwork a bad diet

Things to avoid:

- Gluten

- Wheat

- Dairy

- Sugar

- Processed foods

Stick to whole foods.