TAP 181 - The 3 Keys To Happiness

Humans constantly strive to find happiness. But why do we always try to get more? Why do we try to impress people we don’t like? Why do we keep making excuses to avoid the things we love?

In this episode I get into three key principles on how we can increase happiness in many aspect of our lives. 


  • What are the core principles of happiness? (2:45)
  • Why we shouldn’t wait to “get happy” (3:50)
  • We need to learn to be more still (4:28)
  • The first key principle: Environment (5:30)
  • The second key principle: Personal Growth (8:30)
  • The third key principle: Helping Others (13:42)



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“I don’t search for happiness, I search for calm" (4:38) 

“It’s hard to feel aligned if you’re environment is out of whack” (5:54)

“Once our basic needs are met… happiness can be found in many places” (6:50)

“If you think you are worth it, you will begin to invest in yourself” (12:30)

“I love playing this game where I walk down the road and just smile at people. Most of the time they smile back at me" (14:52)