TAP 236 - Adam Smith On The 5 Steps To Fight Your Biggest Fears


This week I chat with Adam Smith about how he started a blog, went on to write a book "The Bravest You".  We cover many of the major points in the book including 5 Steps to fight your biggest fears.

His popular blog, asmithblog.com, offers insights on leadership, bravery, and life purpose, among other topics. Named one of the most influential people of 2014 by American Genius, Smith has written for Entrepreneur and Success Magazine, among other publications, and has been featured in Newsday and other media. He lives in Illinois with his family.

Adam's book: https://www.amazon.com/Bravest-You-Biggest-Passion-Extraordinary/dp/0143129899

In this episode you will learn:

  • How Adam started a blog which eventually turned into a blog
  • The difference between documenting and creating
  • How & why Adam quit social media
  • How our self worth can be tied to likes on facebook
  • Knowing you're accountable helps you produce better work
  • What "deep work" means
  • How Adams anxiety showed up when he took on too much
  • Adams talks about gratitude


“What would we do when no one else is looking"

"Knowing the purpose of what you do is extremely important"

"What would you gladly do for free?"

"Does our schedule reflect that family is #1"

"The root meaning of passion is to endure"

"Complacency is being happy while doing nothing, contentment is being happy while doing something"


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