TAP 051 - Andrew O'Brien Talks About Anxiety, PTSD, War, A Suicide Attempt & Much More


In this episode I talk to Andrew O'Brien about growing up in very challenging circumstances, how he went to war in Iraq and then subsequently struggled with PTSD amongst other things.  Andrew now speaks on the topic to support others that are struggling.

Andrews' life has been filled with traumatic events that haunted him into adulthood. These events almost cost him his life and his family. Andrew was raised around prostitution, experienced war, attempted to take his own life and to top it all off... He had to testify in court against his own mother for murder after she asked him to frame someone else. It was the haunting of these memories that almost cost him the family he created.
After realizing that he almost lost his family he began to face the ghosts from his past that were haunting him. He successfully overcame all of these events and now uses them as lessons to teach his audiences and private clients.
He is now one of the most requested speakers by the U.S. Military and the mental health field. He has been featured on over 70 media stations around the world, some to include: USA Today, MSNBC, MTV, BBC, NHK World, Huffington Post, Al Jazeera America and many more. Andrew is now married and a proud father of two, living on a piece of land in Central Texas.

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In this particular episode you will learn:

- How Andrew grew up in very challenging circumstances

- How there was no vulnerability when Andrew served in the army

- How there was no support from Andrew's leadership in his recovery

- Why we don't need to be a superhero or pretend to be one

- How Andrew nearly died but something made him dial 911

- How knowing you are not alone is a big part of the solution

- How Andrew would have loved someone else to stand up when he was suffering

- How Andrew's mother was sentenced to prison for murder

- What Andrew now does today to support others




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