TAP 191 - Anxiety Afterglow


This week I discuss something that I like to call the Anxiety Afterglow. The moment when you've just leaned into your fear and achieved something significant, just overcome some adversity.  In that moment of brief euphoria we must bookmark that and capture it.  This allows us to build confidence and belief in ourselves. 


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In this episode you will learn:

  • What is Anxiety Afterglow? (2:29)
  • How we can celebrate our wins (3:58)
  • Consider the good accomplishments (5:55)
  • Go from What If to So What (6:35)
  • Switch to positive What Ifs (7:35)
  • What does Anxiety Afterglow feel like? (9:00)
  • How to savour the afterglow (11:40)
  • How to engage in the Anxiety Afterglow (16:00)



  • "Everything in our being wants us to survive" (3:23)
  • "We are masters at enduring" (3:50)
  • "It’s significant to stop and consider the good stuff" (5:59)
  • "Build up your piggy bank of goodness to eventually switch the balance" (6:37)
  • “Get to know that feeling of success” (11:15)
  • "We default back to worry if don’t harness the energy and savour it” (11:40)