TAP 206 - Anxiety At Work


In this episode I talk about many of my experiences with anxiety at work.  I discuss it both in leadership roles and also for employees.  I go into some examples of what causes it and ultimately what you can do to move past anxiety in the workplace.

Listen to my first panic attack experience: http://www.timjpcollins.com/podcast/ep1timsjourney

In this episode you will learn:

  • What anxiety in the workplace looked like for me (3:30)
  • Why I hated being in meetings (4:56)
  • How anxiety makes you play small (5:42)
  • I used alcohol to calm my nerves (8:00)
  • I didn't hire someone to keep my anxiety hidden (8:50)
  • What causes anxiety in your workplace (10:15)
  • May be caused my your home life (10:30)
  • Taking work home with you (12:30)
  • Anxiety in the workplace with women vs men (15:00)
  • What can we do to overcome work anxiety? (17:13)
  • Leaving work immediately is not the answer (18:15)
  • Stay away from negative coworkers (18:39)
  • Consider falling in love with your work again (19:39)
  • Eat healthier lunches (20:35)
  • Move towards the problems, not away from them (21:19)
  • Train people who to engage with you (22:10)


"My biggest fear was losing my job. I was catastrophizing what that looked like." (4:15)

"If you're struggling with anxiety, you tend to play smaller." (5:42)

"Even confident business leaders aren't immune to anxiety." (11:57)



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