TAP 197 - Be Your Own Biggest Fan


In this episode I talk about why you should be your own biggest fan and inspire yourself.  I picked up on a recent video I watched from Gary Vaynerchuk where he touched on this and also saw the instagram post from Jeremy Goldberg (of Long Distance Love Bombs Fame) where he wrote "I am the most inspiring person I know"

I came across those two things at around the same time and they hit me pretty hard.  So I sat with them for a while and then ended up recording this episode.  


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In this episode you will learn:

  • How growing up we aren't really encouraged to believe in ourselves
  • We wear lots of masks to protect ourselves and hide how we really feel
  • You need to look for the good
  • We can't wait for confidence to show up
  • You need to build on the inspiring things you've done
  • Drink in all that is good about you
  • Write down the good stuff


"What do I actually like to do?"

"How do you really start to connect with yourself?... The answer is space and time."

"Less content, more connection."

"If I don't cheer for myself, how can I expect other to do the same?"

"Things that take a long time, last a long time."

"We need to be a renewable energy source."

"What are the parts of you that inspire you?"