TAP 199 - Cam Adair on Video Game Anxiety & Addiction


This week I talk to Cam Adair, the founder of Game Quitters — the world’s largest support community for video game addiction, serving 20,000 members/month in 77 countries. We chat about opening up, how gaming can effect your anxiety, and how to interact with the world around you. 

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In this episode you will learn:

  • Cam’s experience with anxiety in his teens
  • How bullying perpetuates Cam's social anxiety 
  • Cam’s depression and anxiety resulted in a suicide note
  • How Cam reached out for help
  • Cam dropped out of school twice
  • How vulnerability connects us 
  • Social media is just a highlight reel
  • We need to share our anxious and painful moments on social media
  • Open up about what’s really going on
  • Video game addiction 
  • Peer pressure around gaming culture
  • How do you quit gaming and maintain friendships?
  • Being happy vs. having fun
  • Four reasons why people game
  • The desire to be constantly entertained
  • 90 Day without gaming
  • Can you play in moderation?
  • Finding different ways interact with the world around you
  • Embody more unattachment in your life



“It’s a part of my story and it allows me to have the impact that I have”

“As much as gaming allowed to escape from my depression, it didn’t fix it”

“I really believe that Superbad saved my life.”

“Vulnerability is the bridge that will connect us all.”

“On Instagram, what you see is the highlight reel.” 

“The ups and downs are part of the human experience.”

“It begins by being honest with ourselves about our own technology use.”

“There’s a difference between being happy and having fun. A lot of people who game are having fun but they aren’t happy.”

“An amount of time is not correlated with addiction."