TAP 186 - Chad Hinkle on Overcoming Adversity to Become Resilient

This week we talk to Chad Hinkle about going from simply dealing with trauma, chaos and anxiety to building up your foundation and self-confidence. After being diagnosed with GAD and panic disorder, Chad studied and pursued a career in psychology. Chad works with people he calls “Resilients” and coaches them on becoming stronger than they could ever imagine. 

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In this episode you will learn:

  • Chad outlines his own experience with anxiety
  • How Chad built his toolkit to overcome anxiety 
  • Chad explains a couple of methods he used to overcome anxiety including the “20 second rule,” finding a part of your body that feels good, and engaging in a conversation
  • How Chad pursued a career in psychology 
  • What Chad learned from working with sexual assault victims 
  • What martial arts taught Chad about anxiety 
  • How Chad began in the Market Research field 
  • What happens when you hit rock bottom
  • How anxiety builds our foundation and self-confidence 
  • Who are the Resilients? 
  • The importance of exercise for anxiety
  • The importance of sleep for anxiety
  • When to give yourself a push and when to nurture yourself


"Panic and anxiety are being hyper self-aware and anything that you can do to break that for a second, gives your body and brain permission to let go”

“No matter how tragic that sexual assault happened to be, there were women that actually got stronger and better because of what they learned from that trauma."

“No matter if you have someone punching you in the face or you are sitting dealing with panic, there are always ways out. There are always things you can do to get to a place where you are safe"

“You don’t think your way out of panic and anxiety, you behave your way out”

“None of these people had the tools that they needed to complete their journey when they started. Every single one of them developed those tools along the way. You do not start out with your backpack full.”

“You have to be pushing in the direction of growth, not tearing yourself down”

“What happens to the people who are Resilients overtime is they have a stress inoculation”

“If you battle this dragon, you are going to get to the treasure”

“There’s no way around it, I am going to go through it and keep going"