TAP 057 - Dr David Posen on Why You Get Stressed and What You Can Do About It


In this episode I talk to Dr David Posen about all things Stress related.  We get into lots of great areas about why stress shows up, and the difference between good stress and bad.  David also talks about things we can do today to feel less stressed.

Multi-talented David Posen, MD has been a successful international keynote speaker, author and seminar leader for more than two decades. As an authority on stress management, he delights audiences across North America with an interactive approach that never fails to captivate, motivate, entertain and inspire. His work with corporate clients has positioned him as a speaker of choice for executive workshops and VIP retreats throughout Canada and the U.S.

David's Doc Calm persona was introduced to online readers via Canoe.ca, where David wrote a weekly column on stress and lifestyle management - practical, useful and entertaining words of wisdom that continue to be as current now as the day they were written.

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In this particular episode you will learn:

- How the world is moving faster and people are overloaded

- Why social media is just the latest issue we are dealing with

- Stress levels have been on the rise for the last 30 years of David's work

- How being connected when we're in nature may sabotage some of the space you're taking

- David talks about what nature deprivation syndrome is

- What happens when we over program our kids

- Stress can show up in multiple ways

- Stress can also be a positive thing to get us to perform (Eustress)

- Why David calls coffee "Stress in a cup"

- How you can actually get more done by working fewer hours

- David tells us what "long distance worrying is"

- David explains what thought stopping is




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