TAP 123 - Doug Brackmann - From Homeless and Addicted to Wise and Enlightened


In this episode I speak to Doug Brackmann about how you can't have anxiety without security. We get into somatic experiencing, bio hacking and personality types.

Doug is a Licensed Psychologist in California. A dual Ph.D. in Clinical and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. (2002) 

25 years Clinical experience (over 20,000 hours of client contact). 

Specializing in the underlying factors of any addiction, specifically the genetics (DrD2-A1 & DrD4-7r), environmental factors, and trauma.

20 year Zen meditation practitioner. fMRI geek studying the biological and neuro-structural changes that can be had using meditation techniques.  

Over 30 years of recovery from Drug Addiction. 

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) which is an intensive three year degree on the biological impacts of trauma on the body and specifically how to heal past acute and chronic trauma.


A book that Doug mentions 


Dougs website http://www.biohackshrink.com/

In this particular episode you will learn:

- How Doug had his first epiphany when he was living in a car at an early age

- How he went into a locked psych ward and what he realized

-  "If the present moment had any emotion in it, I'd be out of a job"

- How you can't have anxiety without security

- "You can't have fear in an unsafe place, you're going to turn into a lizard when the bullets are flying anyway"

- Certain people look forward to things that scare them

- Make the smallest change you can keep

- If you're not aware you inner world is lying to you you'll make your outer world match it

- Why we are programmed to stay within a certain bandwidth and it's difficult to move out of it

- Doug talks about a specific personality type that he works with

- How after achievement we immediately look toward the negative side