TAP 209 - Drew Taddia on Managing Stress As A Pro Baseball Player


This week we talk to Drew Taddia, ex-professional baseball player and founder of the True Form Life website. After spending years traveling the world as a professional athlete, Drew realized how important it is to put the proper foods in our body and stay active to reduce the stress both on and off the field. 

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In this episode you will learn:

  • Drew’s background as a professional athlete (3:03)
  • What happened when Drew realized he wasn’t good enough to be on a starting line up (7:00)
  • Drew made health and fitness a priority (9:55)
  • Drew made it to the big leagues (11:00)
  • Transition from playing professional baseball to where he is now (14:31)
  • How stress affected other baseball players (19:06)
  • Internal stress shows up on our body in many ways (21:13)
  • We have to monitor our stress levels (22:25)
  • How Drew is "part Monk” (22:49)
  • How people can start eating healthy (24:14)
  • What are some initial changes you can implement for a health lifestyle? (28:38)
  • How can your skin and body care routine affect your anxiety levels (32:17)
  • What is MSG? (38:00)
  • How your body changes once you start eating healthy (38:30)
  • How to get your children to eat healthy (40:25)
  • What is adrenal fatigue? (41:58)
  • Finding out what the bad triggers are (44:19)



"We have to pay attention to our health and pay attention to what effects our lives" (22:24)

“Pay attention to our environment and find ways to reduce stress.” (45:05)




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