TAP 178 - Dr Nick Zyrowski on Cellular Health, Supplements & Nutrition


In this episode I talk to Dr. Nick Zyrowski and how you can live an anxiety free life through better health. Dr. Zyrowski shows individuals how to operate at their highest level through cutting edge cellular nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle changes that enhance the quality and longevity of their life.




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In this episode you will learn:

  • How Dr. Zyrowski dealt with stressors and losing his passion while getting his Doctorate 
  • How he discovered he had brain inflammation 
  • How he changed his life around
  • How his centre now seeks out the best and natural healthcare
  • How people are moving from traditional medicine to more natural healthcare
  • How does Dr Zyrowski work with patients with anxiety? 
  • What kind of lab tests does Dr. Nick run on patients?
  • What is Methylation?
  • What are Nick’s views on supplements  
  • What is the Cardio Metabolic test? 
  • What is the Nutrient test? 
  • What is cellular health?
  • How does Dr. Zyrowski work with nutrition? 
  • How does sugar affect the body? 
  • What is the difference between grass-fed meat vs conventional meat?
  • Myths about food labeling 
  • What is Nick’s morning routine? 



“I was going to either figure out a way to keep moving forward or I was going to quit"  

“The average doctor doesn’t learn how to take care of the body from a systemic and holistic perspective”  

“People are starting the realize that the magic pill they are getting from the doctor’s office is not so magical after all”

“Anxiety isn’t cut and dry”

“There is chemical stress, emotional stress, and physical stress, but your body does’ t really know the difference between these stresses” 

“When you heal the cell, that’s when you see all these symptoms go away”

“You want to make to make sure you are eating good quality foods because that’s what your body is operating off of and regenerating with every single day" 

“If you can’t take 15 minutes for yourself everyday, you’re not human anymore"