TAP 188 - Gina Florio on Growing Up Amid Racism and Why Millennials Have More Anxiety


This week I chat with Gina Florio, a featured writer on Bustle, HelloGiggles and more. We discuss how millennials suffer with anxiety more and how to overcome it through technology use, yoga, healthy lifestyle and more. 

Instagram: @gmfloria


In this episode you will learn:

- Gina's early life and growing up as a bi-racial kid in Georgia

- How anxiety first showed up in Gina's life

- Anxious habits that started showing up

- How University/college dealt with Gina's anxiety

- How yoga helped Gina with her anxiety

- Why is anxiety on the rise in millennials?

- How technology makes us more anxious

- How to intentionally choose how to interact online

- The importance of being still and meditating

- Why you should implement a morning walk in your routine

- Finding a sustainable health and fitness routine

- What happened when Gina left her small Southern hometown

- How Gina's partner helps her with her anxiety

- Year of Backbending



"Millennials are showing higher rates of anxiety than ever before"

"We spend about 4 hours a day on our phone... about 16th of our day on Facebook alone"

"Protect your energy and carefully choose who you follow"

"The information out there right now is all so charged and it does our heads in"

"We're never happy when we look in the mirror. And how can you expect us to be when society is telling us at every turn that we need to have a before and we need to have an after"