TAP 111 - Giovanni Marsico on Getting Aligned, Finding Angels & Having a Bliss Attack


In this episode I speak to Giovanni Marsico about how he got aligned in his life and how this made his anxiety go away.  We also discuss his "bliss attack" and starting the archangel movement.


Giovanni's website - http://www.giftedentrepreneur.com/

In this particular episode you will learn:

- How Giovanni first experienced anxiety while getting bullied at school

- How he decided early on that he was an entrepreneur

- How he would ride the subway for hours to avoid going to school

- How during a severe panic attack Giovanni called an ambulance as he thought he was having a heart attack

- How it's a sometimes a curse to be brilliant at something you hate

- What happened when Giovanni had a "bliss attack" 

- Sharing your gifts, with people you love, don't something you love to do

-  How Gio structures his day to make it most efficient

- What the Archangel community is all about

- How being selfless is the most selfish thing you can do