TAP 075 - Karen Young From Hey Sigmund With 18 Important Things That Kids With Anxiety Need to Know


In this episode I talk to Karen Young.  She started the website heysigmund.com which has become a fantastic resource for those looking for support with all things psychology. We focus on our discussion on kids with Anxiety.

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In this particular episode you will learn:

What kids with Anxiety need to know.  Here are the 18 points we discuss in this episode (For the full article we reference click the link above: 

1 - Your anxiety is there to check that you’re okay not to tell you that you’re not.
2 - Brains can change. 
3 - You have an interesting and different and wonderful way of looking at things.
4 - You’re quick to notice when something isn’t right.
5 - You’re brave. And strong. And determined.
6 - Your thoughts are powerful.
7 - You are really trustworthy. And people know it.
8 - People like you, like, really like you.
9 - You would make an amazing leader.
10 - You are creative.
11 - You are great at making decisions.
12 - When you’re anxious, you kind of have the power of a superhero. Or a ninja.
13 - You’re people smart. You get people. You really understand them.
14 - The things that matter to you REALLY matter.
15 - You do great things with information. 
16 - You’re a thinker and a planner.
17 - Everyone struggles with something.
18 - You make the world better – no, wonderful – for the people around you.



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