TAP 130 - What Hitchhiking taught me about anxiety


In this episode I talk about my recent trip to Ireland and how I hitchhiked for the first time.  I talk about some of the insights I had during this experience and explain why it's relevant to you. We also found ourselves in a field with a bull at one point! 


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In this particular episode you will learn:

- How I worried about people judging me 

- Why I felt anxious and very self conscious

- How the people who actually stopped were both american

Lessons Learnt

1 - We must get uncomfortable to get what we want

2 - People may or may not judge you, only you can decide if it affects you

3 - Exposure to the thing that scares you can diminish it

4 - Treat others kindly as you yourself may one day be in need

5 - Being proud and having too much ego can slow you down in life