TAP 183 - Stop Comparing Your Inside To Their Outside


In this episode I talk about how we always put on a brave face and are scared to show what's going on on the inside. I discuss how we need to connect our inside feelings to outside facade.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How we compare ourselves to others (2:45)
  • In order to see other people’s truth, we need to be open and vulnerable (4:25)
  • Why we are so hard on ourselves (5:39)
  • Humans are so good at disguising the truth (6:37)
  • How the truth can set us free (8:00)
  • How even Popstars can open up (10:20)
  • Be the one to initiate the open conversation (14:51)


“We compare other people’s outsides to how we feel on the inside” (3:01)

“Until I start sharing bits of me, I don’t get to see their truth” (4:45)

“We, by default, place a huge amount of judgment on ourselves” (5:39)

“If we are disguising the truth in our own lives, that is the first place I would start looking for why we might be anxious" (7:48)

“So many times I’ve looked at people thinking they are supremely confident only for them to share something that they're struggling with” (8:55)

“Please don’t, by default, elevate people based solely on what you see on the outside” (12:46)

“Respectfully sharing how you feel can open the door for others to reciprocate” (14:51)