TAP 179 - My Ireland Experience


This week I talk about my recent trip to Ireland.  I discuss a number of insights I had and how something I was told gave me goosebumps.

I go into the importance of taking space, lessons I learnt from someone that climbed everest, astrology, getting out in nature and the beautiful Irish hospitality.


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In this particular episode you will learn:

  • Why disconnecting from technology is so important

  • How I connected with someone having a panic attack on an aeroplane

  • The lessons I learnt from someone who climbed mount everest

  • Why we really only need to focus on the next step in front of us

  • How I was blown away with astrology

  • The simplicity of getting out in nature and how that made me feel

  • How hospitality really makes the experience special

  • Questions that make you consider your life

  • How decompressing can help things sink in