TAP 156 - Jason Connell on Having 5 Hard Conversations In One Day


In this episode I talk to Jason Connell for the second time.  This time we discuss being gentler on ourselves and how he had many tough conversations in the same day. 

Jason Connell is a writer and coach who focuses on helping people develop authentic confidence and integrity so that they can fall in love with themselves.


Jason's website: http://jasonconnell.co/

Jason's article we discuss: http://jasonconnell.co/hardconversations/

The previous episode that inspired part of this conversation: http://www.timjpcollins.com/podcast/hardconversations

In this particular episode you will learn:

- How we need to be gentler on ourselves when we experience set backs

- How we can look at things as fuel or an experience

- How Jason's brother smuggled indian food into a movie theatre

- How Jason decided to have some difficult conversations in his life

- How he did it using different mediums and why he used those approaches

- Why he used some self compassion in the process