TAP 190 - Jeremy Goldberg on Making Kindness Cool


This week I chat to Jeremy Goldberg, about his kindness revolution, Long Distance Love Bombs. Jeremy, a Ph.D. scholar who spent the past four years studying the science of human behavior, discusses making kindness cool, building your confidence and the importance of starting small. 

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In this episode you will learn:

  • What is a Long Distance Love Bomb?
  • How do you make kindness cool?
  • The power of handwritten messages
  • Why we need to reflect and give people the benefit of the doubt
  • How taking risks can build confidence 
  • How kindness is a ripple effect 
  • What Jeremy learned from his Ph.D on human behaviour and the Great Barrier reef
  • What to do with overwhelming information
  • How to start good habits
  • Aloneness vs Loneliness 
  • Why we need to choose our heroes carefully
  • The importance of being authentic and honest


“Why is it okay for this woman to have an emotional breakdown by herself?”

“What if it was cool to give more selflessly and take less selfies?”

“I try to treat life like a creative endeavor of the benefit of the doubt”

“We’ve never been so connected through social media yet we’ve never felt further away because all those connections are superficial”

“You never know who’s walking down the road having a miserable time and your smile might totally change their day around”

“I am a much better person than I was a couple of years ago simply because of the action that I’ve been taking on a small scale”

“The inner workings of our own mind are different than everyone around us”

“To start new habits, the best and most effective way is to just start as small as possible”

“If you don’t feel comfortable with yourself, then that is a good place to start being curious”

“When you’re scared you actually do feel really alive"

“People think that honesty and authenticity push people away when in reality the opposite is true”

“It’s hardwired into us to care"