TAP 195 - Use In Case Of Panic Attack


This week, I share my Lean In Audio. This is an audio guide to help you through a panic attack or a moment of high stress/anxiety. Listen to this every time you feel anxiety coming on. 

You can also download the audio here: http://www.timjpcollins.com/leaninnow


  • Stop blaming yourself (1:40)
  • No more avoiding anxiety (2:10)
  • Take anxiety head on (2:18)
  • Look at your anxiety (2:55)
  • Mindful breathing (3:54)
  • Breathe through your nose, not your mouth (5:18)
  • Create a peaceful environment for your anxiety (6:00)
  • Notice where in your body you feel anxiety (7:00)
  • Don’t resist your anxiety (8:30)
  • Be curious about your anxiety (9:25)
  • Know that this anxiety will pass (10:35)
  • Keep breathing and moving (11:23)
  • The ocean & cloud analogy (12:14)
  • Do something for you (15:37)

Breathe. Be strong. Be curious. Be compassionate towards yourself. 



"Realize that in this moment, you’re safe and you’re not alone.”

“If we run, anxiety will chase us. We will stand there.”

“You’ve been here before and you’ve survived.”

“Embrace the feelings. Embrace the anxiety. It’s part of you."

“You’re not willing to fight, you just want peace.”

“Curiosity allows us to disrupt just feeling fear.”

“Having a conversation with your anxiety as opposed to just being afraid of it will allow you to overcome it.”

“This may happen again, but you’re okay with that because now you know what to do"



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