TAP 232 - Leeroy Stagger On Using Adversity To Create Music


This week we chat with singer/songwriter, Leeroy Stagger about his latest album, Love Versus. We get into talking about everything from Buddhism, to alcoholism, to self-love. 

"Born in Victoria, British Columbia and raised on a little island on the very west coast of Canada, Stagger spent most of his youth with his grandparents who exposed him to the world of country music. Having collaborated with one of his icons, Danny Michel, Stagger found commercial success in the song, "Just in Case", which was featured twice on the television hit, Grey's Anatomy. The life of being on the road and touring at a fast pace did not wear easily on Stagger, who at age 26, realized he had an alcohol problem that was affecting his ability to perform with the commitment and heart his songs demanded. Clean and sober since, Stagger has a strong desire to inspire young musicians that they do not have to succumb to the pitfalls of substance abuse, which can be prevalent in a musician's touring lifestyle." 

Check out his album here: https://www.leeroystagger.com/

In this episode you will learn:

  • Leeroy’s formative years for his music
  • Started drinking in his early teens
  • How Leeroy faced his past
  • The music industry drinking culture
  • It took a long time for Leeroy to fully get comfortable on stage
  • When did Leeroy start playing music?
  • How Leeroy’s music has opened up a conversation about mental health and anxiety
  • How Leeroy learned to embrace his depression and anxiety
  • How Leeroy learned to push his limits
  • Why Leeroy decided to care less and enjoy more
  • Dropping Leeroy’s barrier was the best thing for his music
  • Leeroy’s anxieties around parenthood
  • The inspiration behind “I Want It All” and how it’s a song about gratitude
  • The inspiration behind “Love Versus” and how it’s about dealing with the negative voices
  • Pay attention to see what works for you
  • What are some daily self-love practices?


“People appreciate vulnerability. And especially in this day and age, they appreciate truth.” 

“Instead of attaching the stories to myself, I wanted other people to relate to them.”

“I didn’t have the energy to live the way I was living”

“I realized I didn’t want to live my life with this fear or being afraid to actually live”

“Because I felt lighter, my music felt lighter.”

“Our stories are unique to ourselves but at the end of the day, we are in this together”

“Sometimes we just need to get through today"


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