TAP 201 - Less Stuff More Life


In this week’s anxiety variety I give you a brief lifestyle update and share the importance of making your own decisions. 

Link to my story in episode 1: http://www.timjpcollins.com/podcast/ep1timsjourney

Link to episode 18 "Why buying and owning gives you anxiety":  http://www.timjpcollins.com/podcast/2015/10/8/tap-018-why-buying-and-owning-things-gives-you-anxiety

In this episode you will learn:

  • My lifestyle update
  • The downfall of owning too much stuff
  • Knowing you have the power to make a decision
  • Why we moved across the country
  • Renting vs buying a place
  • Minimize your closet
  • Sit down and consciously write what you want in life


“Knowing you have the power to make a decision is the important part”

“A medium-sized suitcase holds all the clothes I own.”

“Design your life, don’t have it design you”

“We have one shot at life.”

Quotes I refer to:

“What you own, owns you” - Fight Club

“I don’t make any plans and I am sticking to them” - German Sailor