TAP 148 - Short Cut vs Long Cut


In this episode I talk about how taking the long cut is often the harder road but it's also the only road in terms of long term recovery.  On many occasions we look for the short cuts but the relief is only temporary. 


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In this particular episode you will learn:

From Seth Godin's post:

"The certain shortcut

The shortcut that's sure to work, every time:

Take the long way.

Do the hard work, consistently and with generosity and transparency.

And then you won't waste time doing it over."

- Drugs are often the shortcut in the anxiety struggle

- How we attempt to bypass the hard work by taking the short cuts

- Then we wonder why it doesn't work

- "The road to success isn't supposed to be easy"

- How I spent a long time looking something or someone to fix me

- How the long cut involves leaning in and doing the harder work

- There is no short cut to physical health or mental health