TAP 061 - Lucas Mattiello on Moving From Anxiety To Level Up Living


In this episode I talk to Lucas Mattiello about how he went from Anxiety sufferer to coaching people on how to be great public speakers.  We talk about his story and how he changed his life to level up his life.

You wouldn't expect someone diagnosed with an anxiety condition would become Public Speaking trainer, but that's exactly what Lucas Mattiello did. He uses his experiences of living with anxiety for 15 years, the self-management tools he used to control stress, and his training as a Certified Professional Coach to connect with clients.  

Lucas is passionate in empowering business professionals with the tools, techniques, and strategies needed to communicate with confidence. He is an internationally renowned trainer in communications and stress management that has been featured in Forbes and numerous news shows, is a best selling author, and his corporate clients include: Vancouver Coastal Health, BFL Canada, and Cactus Club Ltd. 

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In this particular episode you will learn:

- How panic attacks don't look as bad externally as they feel internally

- How for Lucas felt he was the only person experiencing Anxiety

- How Anxiety makes you feel like a criminal on the run

- The only way to beat Anxiety is to move through it

- Incremental exposure is important, but not doing too much or being obsessive about it

- How many of the usual fears that people have flow over into their business life

- How we can challenge energy for on stage performances

- "While your heart may feel like it's beating out of your chest, the audience doesn't see your shirt moving"

Public Speaking Tips

Don't script out your entire talk as it focuses all your energy on the script and removes your ability to connect with the audience - Go with bullet points or talking points

- Don't feel like you need to be liked by everyone.  There are some people who won't pay attention so use the 20/20/60 technique

What is the 20/ 20/ 60 Technique?

20% of the room will love you - Connect with those that want to connect

20% of the room won't like you - It's not about you, they may just not be ready for the message

60% are on the fence - They may or may not want to get more engaged as the talk goes on




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