TAP 055 - Marci Lock on 5 Steps To Overcome Sabotage & Locking Down The Truth


In this episode I talk to Marci Lock about how we can change our thinking and reflect that in our lives & 5 Steps to Overcome Self Sabotage, among lots of other gems!

Marci Lock is known worldwide as “The Body-Mind Mentor” and the Game Changer for creating massive life shifts. 

She shares the tools she learned going from a single mother & $2 an hour waitress to building a 6 Figure Monthly income and a worldwide known Enterprise.  She is passionate about changing lives around the world through shifting the Inner Game to create the Rockin’ Body, Relationships, Business and Fantastical Life of their dreams by breaking down the barriers to get and keep Breakthrough Results in every area of Life.  

 As a Nutrition, Fitness, Mindset Expert and Transformation Mentor, she has appeared on TV around the world and has touched and transformed thousands of lives through her Mind Body Breakthrough Program, Goddess Revolution Experience, Bad Ass Break Through Adventure Series, Corporate Wellness Programs, best selling books, Podcast & The Marci Lock “Influential TV show” as well as her kick ass experiential events. 

Marci lives in Southern California with her two amazing boys, seizing life in every moment, and living in alignment with her purpose and passion with a Commitment to Awesomeness as her daily norm.  

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In this particular episode you will learn:

- We reflect what we feel we deserve we can have

- How there are spectators, participants or creators 

- Why each of us have a genius and why we should own it

- When you point a finger at someone else there are 4 pointing back at you

- The difference between "I get to" vs "I have to" or "I need to"

- Ask yourself "How could this be fun and easy"

- Why Marci didn't tell anyone she had breast cancer

- Why we are raised to suppress our emotions

- Feeling in Chest or Heavy eyes its sadness, Stomach is fear, Head Neck or Shoulders it's Anger, Pelvis is sexual & if you're tingly all over it's Joy.

- It's ok to show up as me, which translates into "I'm worthy"

- "Fear is energy without the breath"

5 Steps of Self Sabotage

Step 1 What am I feeling?

Step 2 Why do I feel this way?

Step 3 What do I want?

Step 4 What is your new belief or perception?

Step 5 What is the action you take now?




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