TAP 152 - Mary Wingo on The Biological Origins and Solutions To Human Stress


In this episode I talk to Mary Wingo about stress and what causes it.  We get into some of the top considerations with regard to what you can do to manage and understand stress.

Mary Wingo was born in the United States where she earned a Ph.D. in human stress research from The University of North Texas. In 2014, She emigrated to Ecuador, a tiny country in South America.

Living in a new and very different society opened her eyes to the unsustainable social, economic, and political costs preventable stress causes in the modern world.

Dr. Wingo's aim is to clearly explain to the public the biological mechanisms behind the stress response, as well as its staggering costs to society.


Mary's book: https://www.amazon.com/Impact-human-stress-response-biological/dp/0997481315

Mary's site: http://marywingo.com/

In this particular episode you will learn:

- Mary talks about our stress response

- What compelled Mary to write her book

Top Causes of Stress

- Loss of working memory (our front lobe) 

- Living in an unequal society

- Loss of social capital

- Depletion of our human biome 

- Understand that stress is additive

- Mary talks about what you can do to begin lightening the load

- How stress can affect our ability to work

- Mary talks about where she thinks anxiety comes from

- How Mary handles her stress personally